An engagement is a momentous occasion that marks the beginning of a beautiful journey towards marriage. What better way to celebrate this love-filled milestone than with an unforgettable engagement party at Wild Onion? Let us show you why hosting your engagement party with us is not just special – it’s extraordinary.

Discover the Magic of Wild Onion

Founded in 2003, Wild Onion has been a beacon of warmth and celebration in our community. We understand that your engagement is a moment that deserves to be cherished and shared with your loved ones. Here’s why Wild Onion is the perfect place to celebrate your engagement:

Unique Setting

Wild Onion is not your average party venue. Our venue effortlessly combines the charm of a cozy English country brewpub with the modern elegance of a craft brewery and banquet hall. The result? An environment that’s as distinctive as your love story.

Crafted for Fun

We believe that celebrating love should be fun and memorable. Our vibrant atmosphere and versatile spaces create the perfect backdrop for a joyous celebration with your friends and family.

Exceptional Dining

Indulge in a delectable menu that ranges from comfort food classics to gourmet delights. Whether you’re looking for mouthwatering burgers, fresh salads, or BBQ favorites, our culinary offerings will satisfy every palate.

Craft Beer Culture

At Wild Onion, we take pride in our craft beers. Enjoy a wide selection of ales and lagers brewed on-site, ensuring that your engagement party is filled with unique and flavorful beverages.

Endless Possibilities

Our venue is designed to adapt to your vision. Whether you prefer an intimate gathering or a lively party, we can accommodate your needs and make your engagement party truly one-of-a-kind.

Create Unforgettable Memories

Wild Onion provides the perfect canvas for you to celebrate your engagement in style. Whether you want a relaxed garden party on our patio overlooking the lake or an energetic indoor gathering, we have the space and expertise to make your vision a reality.

Celebrate your love and your journey towards marriage with Wild Onion – a place where the extraordinary is celebrated every day.