Want to order carryout without the waste? Get your next order in our new reusable containers!

How It Works

Think of it as a library. Instead of books, you are renting reusable containers.
Create an account with our partner, REUSO, by texting “WILD” to 567-749-5995. You will receive a one-time code that you will enter at checkout. Your entire order will be packed in reusable containers. When you are done, simply rinse your containers and return them to us within 14 days. You will get friendly reminders from REUSO leading up to your deadline, to avoid late fees.

What happens if you don’t return it? If you decide to keep it at home, enjoy your souvenir! REUSO products can be washed at home and are dishwasher safe (just don’t put them next to stainless steel/metal items). For each container not returned after the due date, a $7 replacement fee will be applied. If you decide to return after your due date, REUSO will issue you a refund within 30 days.

Why Resuables?

22 million pounds of plastic pollution ends up in the Great Lakes each year.

50% of the 300 million tons of plastic produced every year is single-use; that’s equivalent to the weight of Earth’s entire population

Consumption of single-use plastics has increased 250% since the start of COVID-19

Help Us Help The Planet!

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wild tent final dragged pdf